Saturday, May 9, 2015

Retro 2015-19:Karmic Regressions, my Ketu pasts

This post is in continuation from the previous two posts on Sun's current annual transit through Aries and how it has accelerated the Solar energies of Saturn retrograde by 200%. So this is a very powerful period for all Sun, Mars, Ketu, Pluto, Rajas, pitta ruled people. Best example is Sun, Mars, ruled Salman Kahn getting bail yesterday from his long pending case (check link: Also check Salman Khan's horoscope: (astrosage horoscope of salman-khan).

Salman Khan is Aries ascendant, with yogakaraka Mars double exalted in Capricorn in 10th house, and yog-karaka Sun in Sagittarius. Even though Saturn is great in 11th house in Aquarius, but it's a natural malefic for Aries ascendant, and he goes the Sun, Mars, Ketu, Pluto way. However, since Saturn is also directional, and in the best house 11th house, in it's own sign Aquarius, so because of saturnine influence, he will get negative feedback from entire nation ruled by Capricorn, because of his this very breakthrough in the legal case. This flipside/ phenomenon I have seen repeating in all Sun, Mars, Ketu, rajas, pitta ruled people who have Saturn in 11th house (karmic credits, blessings) like Salman Khan.

Also, my energy healing guide Dipankar-Roy-Karmakar added that this period has a significant energy clearing window, for all uptil the 15th of May, (check my in my Energy Clearing blog: Log 11: Window-of-clearing-till-15th-may. ). So this super significant period is a overwhelming  window for those Saturnine ruled like myself for Karmic regression of great magnitude. Below, I narrate my personal saturnine experiences of Karmic Regression of this years special/ boosted/ accelerated period of annual Saturn Retrograde uptil the 15th of May.

In my own horoscope, I'm Libra ascendant, (Tula Lagna), and Saturn and Ketu are conjunct in my  9th house of Dharma, Karma, fate, destiny, spirituality in the sign of Gemini. Since karmic, serpentine, Ketu is totally debilitated in Gemini, my 9th house, it indicates acute afflictions and challenges because of past life karmic violations. And, Saturn being the benefic lord of 4th and 5th house, chooses to give his blessings of relief, release, relaxation through 9th house activities of spiritual activities, karmic healing, energy clearing, etc. As we know, amongst all planets the motion of Sun and Moon are permanently forward, and that of Rahu Ketu are permanently retrograde. Hence, when Saturn is retrograde for 4.5 months in a year, it completely merges with the flow of the permanently retrograde Ketu. Hence, Saturn Retrograde becomes a natural window for Karmic Regression, and repayment. So that once Saturn becomes directional, I can explore the other planetary opportunities, gifts, potentials, and  of my horoscope. Especially the supernatural accelearaated Karmic Regression of this years special/ boosted/ accelerated period of annual Saturn Retrograde uptil the 15th of May.

My energy healing guide Dipankar-Roy-Karmakar had mentioned before, that this period, especially of the past three weeks would find me experiencing Karmic regression, repayment connected to Ketu, an acute planets of Karmic debts for me. For more than a decade,  I had already performed various worships, rituals, pujas, etc, etc connected with Ketu, but now, in this accelerated period of Karmic Regression, I could expeerience direct physical manifestations of the Ketu energies. Ketu ruled situations from previous incarnations directly manifested in my physical existence.

Ketu is that it is pitta/ fire ruled, in a extreme way. In fact it's fiery nature can be said to be a combination of Sun and Mars, which both are fiery pitta ruled planets. Prash Trivedi in his book on Rahu Ketu compares the ferocity of Ketu to a desert at hot summer noon. No wonder then, this time in Delhi summer heat, I'm completely dehydrated and out of commision! And this time, the dehydration ( a common problem with me) has reached proportions of great magnitude.
Another thing i noticed, that our massive barsati terrace overlooking greenery, park, trees, amidst the urban centre of GK II, which is a source of joy and wonder, to all throughout all seasons, has become, especially this year, s a source of hot burning concrete expanse, a source of the marauding, soul disintegrating, blind heat, in the summer season. And guess which direction this terrace is? South East. Check Diagram below. Check the right hand, bottom corner, between the South of Mars, and East of Sun, is two most furious planets corresponding to Agni.. Pluto and Ketu!!!
Meanwhile, I was watching random movies in my dazed, dehydrated stupor of this heat. In both  Avatar and The_Men_Who_Stare_at_Goats and Conan_the_Barbarian_(2011) was common actor who does martian, patriarchal, military, villainous roles character actor Stephen_Lang. And then when i watched Mel Gibson's Apocalypto , the arch villain Zero Wolf in pursuit of the fleeing Kjaguar Paw, the sign was unmistakbel. All these characters, fierce, angry, martial, patriarchal, old guards, revenge incarnate expressed the true nature of planet Ketu...

In my Nadi palm leaf readings in Kerala, in my past life I was a martial, kshatriya warrior in Kutch desert area, Gujarat. I was very powerful, bloody, revengeful, and terrifying desert warrior. I oppressed many and caused uncountable damage, until the curse of all brought me to my downfall. From then onwards, I got guidance from a sage and led a pious life full of service and redemption. Because of the end period, I accumulated enough good blessings to be born in a good family, good education etc, but all those sins of past lifes demand karmic clearing and neutralisation.
I'm surprised that in this dehydrated, Delhi "desert heat" Ketu period, the avatar of my past life incarnation has manifested in physical appearance through random movies I'm watching. But this journey energy healing under Dipankar had already prepared me for it, to be observant and understand the signs. Ultimately, our OWN demonic acts returns as DEMONIC retribution in our current life. Yet, nature gives us an window for the reparation of this damage! Cheers to this regressive window of Saturn Retrograde! Jai Shanidev


mani said...

The fact that we may find signs or representations of previous karma and incarnation is a revealation to me! Any case reading through your posts has been an interesting journey so far

Adim Phukan said...

Mani.. karmic incarnation is a very basic foundation in both our horoscope and energy healing