Monday, May 25, 2015

Retro 2015-21:Max Retro Velocity of 2015 part 2

In the previous post I was saying, how 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 25th May were the days of maximum retrograde velocity of Saturn for 2015. Today is 25th of May, from tomorrow, 26th May, the month long phase of Falling Retro, of Saturn Retrograde, commences. (check diagram below)
 Today, on this day of high solar/ rajasic energies, should be a moment of adrenalin for Sun/ Mars/ Ketu/ Pitta ruled people and a day of tremendous constricting gravitas and low for the Saturn ruled. Over the weekend, I referred a handwritten journal of mine from 2011, full of intricately detailed notes about Saturn Retro 2011. Those days we were working on a interiors turnkey of a clinic at Hauz Khaz. The project was so incredibly besotted with problems, that we were all exasperated beyond imagination. And, I found myself in a stranglehold from all sides. Then, the peak days of Rising Retro, was from 1st to 6th April, six harrowing days, of  Maximum Retrograde velocity of Saturn. After reading the scrawly handwritten notes, I discovered an interesting fact, that within the six days of Maximum Retrograde velocity of Saturn, 2011, though the retrograde velocity dipped in between those six days, but the visible effects of relief that Falling Retro brings, could only be experienced only when the last and fage end of those six days, was conclusively over. Basically, it aint over till it's Over! The days in between, when Saturn retrograde velocity had shown to plunge/ dip temporarily,  didn't reflect at all in terms of relief and release from my saturnine perspective. In fact I quote a line from my hand written journal, dated 6th April, Wednesday, the final day of Max Saturn Retro velocity for the year, 2011.. "Is today the peak/ Zenith of Rising Retro?? Cannot Pull on more, without Relief! Somethings Gotta Give!!". such were the spasms of exclamation that left my pen , in those turbulent, upheaval filled, strangulating days of that demonic project ( my last involvement in any inetriors prject, since then).
Surprisingly, on the very next day, 7th April, 2011, once Falling Retro had confirmed set in, I got a call from my friend, fellow architect Kapil, about a Vastu project, and which later over the years opened another route of repeat business opportunities for me. On the very first day of Falling Retro itself. Reading the journal has given a echo of that sentiment in my current state of experience in Saturn Retro, 2015. Annual Saturn Retrograde only merely reflects the state of Karmic energies you are carrying within yourself. And, in that respect the state of experience of saturn Retrograde, 2015 is definitely far better than Retro, 2011. But, the strangulating pressure upon one's life, limb, neck, soul experienced by Saturn ruled people during this period, is definitely equally oppressive, in the annual current affairs of things. Throughout, the weekend I was utterly confused, whether the effects of Falling Retro had commenced, because Saturday, and Sunday there was a drop in the Retrograde velocity of Saturn. But after reading the journals motes from 2011, I realise that, no it IS NOT over until 26th May, tomorrow. And though, my exasperation is not in magnitude, equivalent to the desperation fo 2011, but the exasperation is considerable. And I repeat from my words from handwritten journal, 6th April, Wednesday.. Somethings Gotta Give!!"


Monica Hatimuria said...

Hey Adima da! Some unexpected unbelievable breakthrough when has lost all hope.... happening all of a sudden and too fast these past few days! Feels all of a sudden, the energy level around me has taken 360 degree turn!

mani said...

I have been following your posts on Saturn retro since last five or six. I won't say I have understood things. No I have understood them but I have found them interesting. No not saying that because I want to be polite. You see you have been posting some charts, talking about fixed periods dates and surprisingly I found some significance of them in mylife. The uncanny ones being the most recent 21st 22nd and today 25th. I dont even know if I have got the connect all right or it is just a psychological effecf of immense trust on you but yes there is an effect. Will talk in details some day. Meanwhile I will wait for more of your charts.